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At BLOOMINES, we love eliminating intermediaries. Our core belief is that everyone deserves the right to have total control over their finances and that trusted third-parties are security holes. We build open-source tools for self-sovereign individuals and businesses. Today, we’re introducing a brand-new tool integrated into our self-hosted payment-processor.

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  • Step-1


    User side registration is Free.

    After successful registration user has to activate his account by paying activation amount.

  • Step-2


    Only Registered users are able to login the application.

    For login user has to enter User ID, Password.

    If user not remembers the password then user will reset password using Forgot Password.

  • Step-3

    Timer Start 24 Hours

    Registration is Free.

    After that user will receive link to activate his account by donating the amount to complete the binary structure.

    If user not activates his account within 24 hours then that user will blocked permanently (Mobile no and Email ID).

    Blocked users place will replaced by new members.

  • Step-4

    Donate Amount

    Donate Amount to the users which are display on dashbord

  • Step-5

    Received Approve

    Receiver Should approve payment

  • Step-6

    Sponsor Hire

    sponsor hire to direct in 24 hours then sponsor will get 200% of donation amount weekly.


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